Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm done at USU

On saturday i will graduate from Utah State University. I'm super excited and very ready to be done. As with every threshold in life, this juncture has spurred a strange admixture of emotions. Graduating is a bitter sweet victory, I will seriously miss my time spent here on campus. When you're in college you feel like you're at the center of everything - networked into an academic tradition information, and a variety of perspectives are readily available. University life puts you in ideal position to understand a changing world. Along with this academic stimulation, there is also very little responsibility. Therefore, I'll definitely miss being an undergrad.

This blog contains a fairly representative sample of my work during my time as an undergraduate.

Feel free to plagiarize from these works, I'll be flattered by the application of something I've written - which is enough for me at the moment. Maybe someday I'll get something published - validating my academic worth - but for now my work only has value insofar as others use it to influence their own work.

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