Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lieberman disgusts me.

Why are conservatives so afraid of a public option? If they really believe in the power of free market enterprise, then they should have faith that the government run public option would be unable to compete with private companies. If it is true that market competition produces efficiency, then the private companies will find ways to offer better service at a better price than the public option.

However, I sense a fragility in conservative Democrats faith in the markets. They would rather protect the private insurance companies by compelling everyone to join them, rather then forcing the private sector to prove its worth by competing with a public option. Lieberman and every Republican in the House and Senate are playing right into the hands of Big Insurance and are acting very cowardly.(Not surprising considering that Lieberman has received over $920,000 in campaign contributions from the health insurance industry since 2005.) Lieberman and Co. are forcing concessions that severely weaken the proposed health care legislation during this pivotal and unique opportunity for real change.

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