Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Refugee

1. Fast labor — we pre-screen candidates for you to ensure that they have proper work documentation and are qualified to begin working immediately.

2. Skilled workers without hassle and at less expense.

3. Increased productivity. Refugees have an outstanding work ethic.

4. Save time. No need to pay for advertising, simply call us with your labor needs.

5. Cultural diversity.

6. AAU will be happy to complete all new-hire paperwork and photocopy all necessary documentation

7. Safety and Confidence – Refugees routinely pass all criminal background checks and drug/alcohol tests

8. Translators. We will provide a translator, if necessary, for initial training and orientation.

9. Tax credits for employers.

10. Loyal employees. With the investment of a little training, refugees will likely become your most devoted personnel.

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