Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Andrew Breitbart is despicable

I just read the transcript of Breitbart's conversation with Hannity on Fox News. This is an after the fact interview - it had already been shown that Shirley Shaddron's remarks were not racist, but actually quite the opposite, so Brietbart should be looking apologetic, yes? He posted a purposely misleading video that got a woman fired.

However, Andrew is completely unapologetic throughout the interview. The closes Breitbart and Hannity get to apologizing is when they keep saying that the edited-video he released is "not about" Shirley Sherrod. But I don't how the video can be perceived as not about Shirley - she's the one in the video! Furthermore, she's the one who's been affected by Brietbart's deception and race baiting. She's the one who lost her job and was personally accused of being a racist by her peers.

Rather than apologize, however, Brietbart excuses his actions by saying that the same thing is being done to the Tea Party. However, the personal harrasment Shirley endured is not comparable or even remotely close to the very general and reasonable NAACP resolution saying that the Tea Party as a group - and particularly its leaders - should reign in racism among its corpus. And furthermore, there is rather conclusive evidence of racism among Tea Party activists.

So lame excuse Brietbart.

The tragic irony is that Brietbart will prolly become a regular on Fox News - advancing his own career by sabotoging an honest woman's job. His lies will endear him to the extreme Right who want reasons to hate - while Shirley Sherrod (who was attempting to fight racism by honestly discussing her own inner struggle with prejudice) gets thrown under the bus by the Left, who - as it has now been proven - will not even tolerate the appearance of racism.

This Breitbart makes me sick.


  1. Reminds me of how Fox News and their ilk in the conservative blogosphere smeared ACORN.


  2. Have you heard anything about the movie "Despicable Me." Isn't it about Andrew Breitbart?


  3. Truly some fucked up stuff... Zach Myers for Salt Lake County Commissioner!!!!

  4. Ha Ha. Maybe movie previews are seeping into my Blog Titles.