Monday, March 21, 2011

My Dad Coach Darcy

I haven't seen my dad for a few months and I was waxing sentimental yesterday about him. He's a really great guy. He loves to do things in the background, Mr. Darcey style, so that you won't ever realize what a great guy he is unless you do a little digging. He'll rake the neighbors leaves without letting them ever find out who did it, or in my case, he'll go around to all of my high school teachers on parent teacher conferences, and tell every one of them that they are my favorite, in order to try to trick them into being extra nice to me at school.

Along with playing Mr. Darcey - i.e. fixing problems for me behind-the-scenes, sneaky style - my Dad also loves to play the role of coach. He coached my Jr. Jazz team for about six or seven years and was really good at it. My friends all really liked my dad, and asked for him to be the coach year-after-year. I think my friends liked me better because of the old man. Our team usually didn't do particularly well (except for the very last year where we won the Jr. Jazz championship) but we always had fun and my dad taught us a lot about the game.

Now, I stink at golf. So I usually lose about ten balls into bushes and trees and lakes over the course of 9-holes. However the last time I went golfing I went with my dad. He coached me through each and every stroke. As a result of his know-how and encouragement, my score was a personal best. Furthermore, I only lost one ball! I've determined that I need to take my dad, the coach, with me every time I go golfing.

For these reasons I've titled this post My Dad Coach Darcy. I don't know how much he'll like it since he's not much of Jane Austen fan, but I think it's fitting. Like Darcy he's somewhat rough around the edges and can occasionally be downright insulting, but he's got a good heart. On the other hand, he's not a gentleman with a big estate (in fact he's really quite terrible at making money) so rather than Mister Darcy I think Coach Darcy is a more fitting title.

Love ya Dad

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