Friday, January 7, 2011

Spectral Aphorisms from Nietzsche


Every great philosopher makes a fool of her predecessors. If she does not, then she is not great!


Love common people, but absolutely hate and mistrust common ideas! Cast them out from yourself like the discharge from a boil. Else they will overtake you and make you ugly.


Representation is reality; and reality is not.


Truth is a fools battle-cry. There are only, ugly and beautiful, un-truths of varying degrees and types. The pursuit of Untruth, a taxonomy of all that is not - Now that is a worthy pursuit! Probe the inner depths of representation and deceit; plunder it's caverns; and lay up treasures while the day lasts.


The suffering of the strong is the greatest beauty.


Let us never pretend that the criminal has a monopoly on violence. It is the original violence of the masters of society that created the criminal.

Furthermore, all life is violent. To attempt to eradicate violence is to attempt to eradicate life. It is better to embrace violence and sublimate this erotic impulse.

Love is a particularly painful form of self-violence. Christ knew this better than any man. Violence is sublime!

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