Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Semester Law School Stifles Critical Thinking

I thought law school would be creatively challenging. Instead, I have never experienced anything as stifling of critical thinking as the first semester of law school. Is my experience unique, or do other people feel this way? I had professors who really believed that the law had a correct answer for every question. There was no room for indeterminacy in their minds, and questioning or interrogating legal rules was discouraged. Were they really that naive, or do time constraints train legal teachers to treat doctrine as though it is solid and indisputable.

This semester is coming along much better. Pierre Schlag and Ahmed White are much more interested in delving into the aporiatic sea that is the law and taking a look about. As such, my classes are much more enjoyable, but I feel like my mind has been handicapped by last semester's teachers and I'm having a little trouble keeping up with Schlag and White.

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